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Using Scrivener as a Project Management Tool for Your Book Marketing

How to manage your book marketing with ScrivenerI published a special guest post at The Creative Penn on a very unique subject: not how to WRITE in Scrivener, but how to use Scrivener as a project management tool to manage your book marketing, including your blog, social media campaign, and—here’s the big one—your book launch.

“Writers are often scattered when they approach the book launch process because it’s strange and daunting. I know I was. I did way less than I could have during the launch of my first books, and I did a lot of it out of order or too late to be effective. That’s why I put everything I’ve learned together into this book marketing plan, and use Scrivener to manage the chaos.

After all, you worked so hard to write your best book. Doesn’t your book launch deserve the same attention and effort you gave the book itself?”

Here are three ways you can use Scrivener to get your book to your intended audience and make it a success.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head about my scattered thoughts during my first book launch and marketing campaign. And I’ve never thought about Scrivener outside of writing, but now I’m going to check it out for organizing my next book launch.

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