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How to Use Cutting-Edge Software to Energize Your Creative Writing Practice

The Origin Story of Scrivener Superpowers

Recently, Hank Garner interviewed me for Episode 84 of the Author Stories Podcast.

In the interview, Hank and I discuss:

  • What made me want to become a writer, and when I came to that realization
  • My writing and editing process
  • Indie Publishing Austin, the local group of authors I started
  • And the Scrivener Superpowers book, of course.

You can listen in the following formats, or find the episode in your favorite podcast app.

My favorite tidbit is this: we talk about how you know something is worth doing if it scares you. Do you really want to do something? Are you terrified that it won’t work? That’s a good sign that you ought to do it.

This is my origin story. Enjoy!

YouTube Video


You can also find the interview on Hank’s website.

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