Scrivener Superpowers

How to Use Cutting-Edge Software to Energize Your Creative Writing Practice

Power Up Your Writing

If you’ve ever been intimidated by Scrivener, the top word processor for writers made by Literature and Latte, or unsure how to use it, then set your fears to rest.

Scrivener Superpowers is not just another how-to-use-software book. It’s not another word processor reference manual.

This book is an easy-to-read guide that will show you to take your story from concept to completion using the most cutting-edge writing program available.

About Scrivener Superpowers

Scrivener Superpowers will teach you, with screenshots and illustrations, how to use the features that Scrivener provides.

More importantly, it will show you how each feature can be applied to the creative writing process to stay organized, amplify your productivity, and help you take your manuscript over the finish line.

The book is packed with advice from other successful authors—how they use it, so you can pick and choose what works for you, and leave the rest alone.

Scrivener Superpowers will help you upgrade your writing skills, making you a savvier, more confident, and happier writer.

Power Up Your Writing Today

Are you ready to get access to your writerly superpowers? Is it time to start using the tools the pros are using, and more importantly, use those tools the way the pros are using them?

Stop settling for subpar word processing that is holding your writing back. Learn how to power up your writing with Scrivener Superpowers.

Get the book, and become a better writer today.